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WAMPS February 2016

Installing PHP_7 localhost issue?

Im fed up at this stage with PHP. I have followed the tutorials on how to install it. I have done everything I am supposed to do with PHP.ini and httpd-conf file. I have apache running, PHP is installed as I verified it. Below is my example code Simple code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<?php echo "My first PHP script!"; ?>


Instead of openeing in the browser as Localhost it is opening from file:///C:/PHP/index.php

I have set ServerName to ServerName http://localhost:8080

I am missing something but what I do not know.


daxro February 2016

Try using MAMP (free): https://www.mamp.info/en/

That will get you up and running with PHP in no-time, which is much more fun than server config.

And on a rainy day you can go back to the Apache-configurations :)

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