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user3816366 February 2016

MVC Razor Actionlink issue with routevalue

I am trying an actionlink with the following code :

@Html.ActionLink("Home", "List", "Product",
    new {
        @class = horizontal ? "btn btn-default btn-sm" :
            "btn btn-block btn-default btn-lg"

However this gives me an error unless I add null for the routevalues before the html attributes. I can't figure out why this is so. Could this be a mvc version issue or perhaps I'm referencing the wrong dll somewhere ?

Please assist. I was following the Sportsstore example application by Adam Freeman(Apress) and his code doesn't have the null for routevalues and apparently works.


Erwin Rooijakkers February 2016

There are a few overloads for ActionLink. The one you need is this one:

public static MvcHtmlString ActionLink(
    this HtmlHelper htmlHelper,
    string linkText,
    string actionName,
    string controllerName,
    object routeValues,
    object htmlAttributes

You are trying to pass an anonymous object of htmlAttributes. To match the signature your routeValues needs to contain a value (null in this case). There is no overload with three strings and one object as a parameter, therefore you get an error.

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