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Ido Ran February 2016

Receive email with AWS SES without MX record

I'll like to process incoming email on a specific email. In aws docs it says

Although you are not required to publish an MX record to receive mail through Amazon SES, if you don't publish the record, Amazon SES will receive mail for your domain only if you explicitly route it to Amazon SES.


How do I explicitly route email to SES?


Paul Dunlop February 2016

from: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-receive-and-process-incoming-email-with-amazon-ses/

Now you need to route your incoming email to SES for processing. You have two options here. You can set the domain’s MX (Mail Exchange) record to point to the SES SMTP endpoint in the region where you want to process incoming email. Or, you can configure your existing mail handling system to forward mail to the endpoint.

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