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ziggy February 2016

Is it possible to use the Oracle sql WITH CLAUSE on multiple unrelated queries within the same file?

I have an SQL script that generates a report through SQL plus. The report is generated by running multiple unrelated queries one after the other. Some of the queries have common code that i would like to try and only define once. As an example, assume the report generation file contains the following two scripts

Select a, b, c
from x
where a in (
    select x
    From d where x like '%ABC%'

Select a, d, y
from z
where a in (
    select x
    From d where x like '%ABC%'

The two queries are completely different but both use the same subquery. I would like to avoid having to rewrite the subquery for each independent query.

The WITH clause can be used but i am not sure how to use it on two different queries

with t1 as (
 select x
 from d where x like '%ABC%'
Select a, b, c
from x, t1
where t1.x = x.a

The above resolves it for the first query. How can i use the same WITH statement for the second query? or is there an alternative approach to achieve this?


One other option is to use refcursors. This might work but i might be very tedious to build the strings for each query and concatenate it with a generic string query. As it is a plsql block, it will also be difficult to generate headers between the different queries.

    v_sql varchar(2000);
    v_sql := 'Select 1 from dual';
    Open :x for v_sql;
print x;



Gordon Linoff February 2016

You cannot use a common table expression (CTE) for multiple queries. This is functionality for a single query.

I would recommend a view or a temporary table.

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