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CheeseFlavored February 2016

Ebay API - How do I get item info for out of stock items

I'm trying to get item information by searching my ebay store. For example, if I enter this URL, it will search my store for a specific keyword and return info about the item. http://svcs.ebay.com/services/search/FindingService/v1?OPERATION-NAME=findItemsByKeywords&SECURITY-APPNAME=MYAPPID&keywords=MYKEYWORD&itemFilter.name=Seller&itemFilter.value=MYEBAYUSERNAME

However, if an item's quantity goes to zero, the item is no longer visible in my ebay store and therefore, won't show any data. How can I get data for all items, even if they are out of stock?

Please note: the data I need to get is the ebay auction number (itemID)

Thank you.


Isaac Montaine February 2016

If you are listing using the API then "custom label" on the front end of eBay is actually the SKU node in the API. Here is a list of API calls that utilize this node: <SKU>

So if you want to pull one item at a time, all you need to do is use is use the GetItem trading API request. Instead of passing in <ItemID>(string)</ItemID> pass in <SKU>(string)</SKU>, and you will get the ItemID in the return output xml.

But, this is if you want to pull each item one at a time. There is a limit on how many API calls you can make a day.

So, I would suggest using GetMyeBaySelling every so often to download all of your items and store the output to a database. The output for GetMyeBaySelling includes <ItemID>(string)</ItemID> and your custom label as <SKU>(string)</SKU>.

At this point you can write a little front-end WebPage or APP to pull the data you want from the database.

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