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parikLS February 2016

Django dont set CSRF token on AJAX GET from angularJS

I am writing application with AngularJS on frontend and Django as REST service on backend. I'm trying to send some JSON data using POST request, but facing with csrf-token issue (CSRF token missing or incorrect). As far as i know, previously i should make a GET request on Django to obtain this token. So i have wrote simple view:

def get_csrf_token(request):
    return HttpResponse(json.dumps({'success': True}))

I have added httpProvider defaults, and on start of angular application making GET request on view:

        $httpProvider.defaults.xsrfCookieName = 'csrftoken';
        $httpProvider.defaults.xsrfHeaderName = 'X-CSRFToken';

but this view dont set a CSRF token, and i still cannot do POST request.


olofom February 2016

If your view is not rendering a template containing the csrf_token template tag, Django might not set the CSRF token cookie. This is common in cases where forms are dynamically added to the page. To address this case, Django provides a view decorator which forces setting of the cookie: ensure_csrf_cookie().

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