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Łukasz Górski February 2016

Owl Carousel 2 - First and Last .active - add Opacity

Can someone help me with styling Owl Carousel 2? I have 7 items in a row. Need to add for first and last CSS opacity 0.3.

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I was trying add something like this:

         $('.active').eq(0).css("opacity", "0.3");
         $('.active').eq(6).css("opacity", "0.3");

But it works only when page loads, after slide it dont change to "new first". Without window.load does not work at all.

I was thinking about giving two DIV's (left and right) - with z-index, white background and cover first and last item, but this method kind of sucks I think.


Ashish Patel February 2016

Try this hopefully help.

You can use just simple css for first and last element

p:first-child, p:last-child {
   opacity: 0.3;

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