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Tom Hammond February 2016

Rails how to access child model attributes in where

Let's say I have two models:

Campaign and Qualification. Campaign has_one :qualification and Qualification belongs_to :campaign.

Let's say that Qualification has a male_gender boolean attribute, what's the most effective way to find all campaigns that have a qualification with male_gender == true

One way would be to loop through qualification with male_gender indexed. Create an array of campaign_ids, and then get campaigns with those ids, but this seems not very effective.

Ideally I'd like to do something like Campaign.where("qualification.male_gender: true")

Is that possible? Is there a better way to do this?


Jon February 2016

You certainly can do this. Using a join you can reference the other table in your where query:

Campaign.joins(:qualification).where(qualifications: {male_gender: true})

Rich Peck edit

You could also put this into a scope:

class Campaign < ActiveRecord::Base
   scope :male_gender, -> { joins(:qualification).where(qualifications: {male_gender: true}) }

... which would allow you to call @campaigns = Campaign.male_gender

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