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user1487244 February 2016

which package is advisable to implemet Oauth for stripe connect in meteor. Any example demos out there?

I am looking to implememt stripe connect in meteor. I understand that the first step is to able to link the user account to platform accout. I believ this is done via the Oauth process. I am aware of this package( https://github.com/chadokruse/meteor-accounts-stripe-connect) I am getting a type error "Cannot call method 'insert' of undefined" for the following code.

  service: 'stripe',
  appId: Meteor.settings.client_id,
  secret: Meteor.settings.stripe,
  scope: 'read_write', //or read_only

Any other way for going about this without the package?


Stephen Woods February 2016

Based on this tutorial, you can use mrgalaxy:stripe. You might be getting that error you're seeing because you haven't added the service-configuration package. Do meteor add service-configuration.

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