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Mihado February 2016

Displaying MKAnnotationViews that are within the bounds of the visible mapview

I'm querying my server for a list of locations that are closest to the user based on his observable portion of the mapview.

I'm not entirely sure on how to do this, but should I send the center lat and long of the mapview's visible region and then search for results based on nearest radius?

I know that MKMapView has two properties called region and visibleMapRect. Should I use one of those, and if so, which one is more appropriate based on my question?

EDIT I'm looking to implement functionality that's identical to the apple maps and Yelp app when you search for nearby locations and it shows you what's relevant based off the visible portion of the map view.

EDIT 2 I have seen a lot of people break up the visible portion of their mapview into quadrants, most commonly NW,NE,SW and SE. However, I'm still not entirely sure why theyr'e doing this. I would like to know the best way to query the back end, which contains a lat and long for each location, to find the locations which exist on the mapview.

I have looked everywhere on stackoverflow and I found a similar question here. However, it doesn't answer my question and there's no mention of visibleMapRect because it's over 5 years old.

Any help is tremendously appreciated.


Jack Mata February 2016

So you would need to provide your server call with these 2 coord bottomleft and topright 4 points all together.

  1. if lat of location > bottomleft.lat and if lat of location < topright.lat
  2. if long of location > bottomleft.long and if long of location < topright.long

iOS Code would look like this the make server call with these four variables as parameters

fun viewDidLoad() {
   self.mapView.delegate = self

func mapView(mapView: MKMapView, regionDidChangeAnimated animated: Bool) {
   // Using region
   var span: MKCoordinateSpan = mapView.region.span
   var center: CLLocationCoordinate2D = mapView.region.center

   // This is the farthest Lat point to the left
   var farthestLeft = center.latitude - span.latitudeDelta * 0.5
   // This is the farthest Lat point to the Right
   var farthestRight = center.latitude + span.latitudeDelta * 0.5
   // This is the farthest Long point in the Upward direction
   var farthestTop = center.longitude - span.longitudeDelta * 0.5
   // This is the farthest Long point in the Downward direction
   var farthestBottom = center.longitude + span.longitudeDelta * 0.5
   var SWCoord = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(farthestBottom, farthestLeft)
   var NECoord = MKCoordinateForMapPoint(farthestTop, farthestRight)

   // Using visibleMapRect
   var mapRect = mapView.visibleMapRect
   // This is the top right Coordinate
   var NECoord = getCoordinateFromMapRectanglePoint(MKMapRectGetMaxX(mapRect), y: mapRect.origin.y)
   // This is the bottom left Coordinate
   var SWCoord = getCoordinateFromMapRectanglePoint(mapRect.origin.x, y: MKMapRectGetMaxY(mapRect))
   // Not needed but could be useful
   // var NWCoord = getCoordinateFromMapRectanglePoint(MKMapRectGetMinX(mapRect), y: mapRect.origin.y)
   // var SECoord = getCoordinateFromMapRectanglePoint(MKMapRectGetMaxX(mapRect), y: MKMapRectGetMaxY(mapRect))


func getCoordinateFromMapRectanglePoint(x: Double, y: Dou 

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