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boogie February 2016

clojure/script expanding a macro into multiple 'def's inside a 'do' block

Not sure if valid question, but i'm learning macros and i'm trying to write a macro (for clojurescript but should be same thing) so i can do nicer js/require in node.

The syntax will look like this:

(import ["some-module" :as module1]
        ["some-other-module" :as module2])

and it would expand to this:

   (def module1 (js/require "some-module")
   (def module2 (js/require "some-module"))

My question is:

Is it ok to do 'def' inside a do block? cljs does not seem to complain, but is it ok from a macro design stand point?


gfredericks February 2016

Yes, using the (do (def ...) (def ...)) pattern is generally the only way to def multiple things in a macroexpansion.

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