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blown302 February 2016

AWS IPV6 Support

I'm having issues with facebook scraping my pages. The Facebook Debugger is giving me a 504 Timeout. I starting to think it's because of IPv6 support on my EC2 instance.

I'm in the process of setting up a ELB to test this out.

Anybody have an issue with this. It used to work just fine but you know how the cloud can change on you.

Is the ELB the only support for IPv6? What about API Gateway?

Lastly, the practice has been to terminate SSL/TLS at the ELB and rely on private internal networks in AWS to protect your data from the ELB to the EC2 instance.

Can I rely on AWS to get my traffic to my EC2 instance and back without a sniffer picking off my sensitive data?

Thanks in advance.


mickzer February 2016

Unfortunately as of yet, EC2 doesn't support IPv6. API Gateway can't help you here. The IPv6 support for ELB is really designed as a workaround. See the forum for more info.

With regards to your packets being sniffed, I think you don't need to worry about it. Once your packets are being routed inside your VPC they can't be sniffed from the outside or by any other VPC user. I'm sure if some engineer at AWS really wanted to (as they own the infrastructure), they could sniff your packets, but it would operate outside the assurances of security and privacy they advertise. I think it's ok not to worry about encrypting packets once inside your VPC, and I believe most VPC users (including myself) do not go to these lengths.

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