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Blay-Z February 2016

Android - change SHA1 fingerprint on Google Play

I had my keystore saved in my PC, but one day my hard disk died and the PC overheated because of too much dust, so I had to reinstall Windows completely, and lost the keystore...

Is there any possible way to update my application on Google Store with a new keystore or somehow get the SHA1 fingerprint from the old one, or something? Anything??


Demitrian February 2016

Unfortunately, what you're asking isn't possible. I tried this myself, and had to create a new application on the Google Play Store due to the what is mentioned in the Google Developer Docs:

Warning: Keep your keystore and private key in a safe and secure place, and ensure that you have secure backups of them. If you publish an app to Google Play and then lose the key with which you signed your app, you will not be able to publish any updates to your app, since you must always sign all versions of your app with the same key.

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