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GSMX February 2016

How to set id as slug in Bolt CMS?

How can I use "id" as slug in url? I am content without the title and Bolt now creates a path such as "slug-cd7k2y"

My contenttype:

name: SMSy
singular_name: SMS
title_format: id
        type: textarea
        class: large
        group: content
        required: true
        type: slug
        uses: id
taxonomy: [ kategorie, tags ]
listing_template: listing.twig
listing_records: 10
default_status: publish
sort: -datepublish
recordsperpage: 10
show_on_dashboard: true


Gawain February 2016

There are problems with using numeric slugs, as records are available via both their slug and record ID.

That said, there was a change committed to both stable and development branches this week that will first appear in Bolt 2.2.18 sometime soon that optionally allows the use of numeric slugs.

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Asked in February 2016
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