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Yuness Mehdian February 2016

How can I detect whether a user deletes the Telegram Bot chat?

Is it possible to check, via an API, whether somebody has deleted the Bot Chat in Telegram?

My test : Currently if a user deletes a chat, new messages will not stop sending to user.


ihoru February 2016

Nope. Only by getting error while sending user something.

Even calling sendChatAction method does not return error if user blocked the chat:

$ curl https://api.telegram.org/bot***/sendChatAction -d 'chat_id=7975895' -d "action=typing"
$ curl https://api.telegram.org/bot***/sendMessage -d 'chat_id=81083738' -d "text=ololo"
{"ok":false,"error_code":403,"description":"[Error]: Bot was blocked by the user"}

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