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shdotcom February 2016

What does the third input to rand mean?

In the MATLAB if:

x = rand(a,b,c); 

What does the third input to rand, c, mean?

a: numbers of rows

b: numbers of columns

c: ??


Dan February 2016

In MATLAB, matrices are not limited to 2 dimensions (i.e. only rows and columns), but can have many higher dimensions.

The third input to the rand function is just telling rand the size of the third dimension that you want. By default it is 1, but in your case it will instead be c.

In general, the nth input to rand will be the size of the nth dimension of the matrix of random numbers it produces.

Rahul Tripathi February 2016

See the docs:

X = rand(sz1,...,szN) returns an sz1-by-...-by-szN array of random numbers where sz1,...,szN indicate the size of each dimension. For example, rand(3,4) returns a 3-by-4 matrix.

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