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Jose Joya February 2016

Acumatica - Error while inserting/Editing Sales Orders with Items with \ char as part of the InventoryID

I am facing an issue while inserting Sales Orders to Acumatica via API for items that has the \ char as part of the InventoryID.

If I try to insert a SO with an InventoryID \Adjustment, the API returns the following error:

PX.Data.PXFieldProcessingException: Error: An error occurred while 
processing the field Inventory ID : Error: 'Inventory ID' cannot be found in 
the system.. ---> PX.Data.PXSetPropertyException: Error: 'InventoryID' 
cannot be found in the system

However, the item does exist in the database.

Any suggestions of how to fix this issue?




Jeff Williams February 2016

"\" is an escape char in C#. I would wager a bet that it's trying to treat it as that.

Try replacing the "\" with "\\" and see if that works.

You could also try specifying it as a literal with @ - @"My\ID" however seeing how this is submitted to the server for processing, I'd try the escape first

As a side note though, i would strongly recommend removing odd chars like that from the id's.

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