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Ali Raj February 2016

Android AccountManager :Which account is being used?

I am using android account manager for my app. It allows multiple accounts and every account has it's own specific data.

What I want to know is;

  • How to determine which account is being used by account manager
  • Is there a way to set specific account in account manager as current one

I'll be using content provider (single class for multiple tables) with syncAdapter to Upload/Download data from a Laravel REST API.


Ali Raj February 2016

Based on the information and clarification by @RocketRandom , it is clear that Account Manager just provides the service. The user/app developer should work out the proper way to handle the accounts.

For my specific problem (Multi User Login), i present user with a selection list(Custom) which allows me to pass on specific user data to SyncAdapter, which in turn load the account related Sqlite db (I am using separate db for each user).

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