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daniyal.bashir February 2016

Querying Twitter JSON File in HBase

I have successfully downloaded twitter data through flume directly into HBase table containing one column family and all of the data is stored in one column like this

hbase(main):005:0> scan 'tweet' ROW default00fbf898-6f6e-4b41-aee8-646efadfba46 COLUMN+CELL column=data:pCol, timestamp=1454394077534, value={"extended_entities":{"media":[{"display_url":"pic.twitter.com/a7Mjq2daKZ","source_user_id":2987221847,"type":"photo"....

Now i want to access structs and arrays through HBase like we can access then in Hive. I have tried googling the issue but still clue less. Kindly Help


halil February 2016

You can't query display_url , source_user_id or another json fields in hbase directly. You should use a document store nosql db like mongodb.

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