srinivas February 2016

How to catch the model update signal in ListView

Is there any way to catch the model update signal in qml.

here is my sample program. i have a rectangle on top of that there is listview.

on mouse i am updating the listmodel.


        id: root
        anchors.fill: parent

        ListModel {
            id: fruitModel

            ListElement {
                name: "Apple"
                cost: 2.45
            ListElement {
                name: "Orange"
                cost: 3.25
            ListElement {
                name: "Banana"
                cost: 1.95

        Component {
            id: fruitDelegate
            Row {
                spacing: 10
                Text { text: name }
                Text { text: '$' + cost }

        ListView {
            id: list
            anchors.fill: parent
            model: fruitModel
            delegate: fruitDelegate
            onModelChanged: {
                console.log("hi heloooo")

            anchors.fill: parent
            onClicked: {
                fruitModel.append({"cost": 5.95, "name":"Pizza"})//added new 
                fruitModel.remove(1) // deleted old. so count still same

On mouse click i am updating the model, i just want catch when ever there is a change in model.


skypjack February 2016

What does it mean that you change the model? If you are interested in items added or removed, you can bind a listener to the onCountChanged signal of the ListView.

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