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Pankaj Jha February 2016

How to fetch value of key in array if key is of different content type

I am developing a plugin for wordpress which import products for woocommerce from a spreadsheet using ajax.

my spreadsheet have values of UTF-8 content type like Lyftrörelse | Egenhöjd | Plattformslängd

so when i upload my file using ajax and send it to my PHP file

DATA is being Sent Correctly. but when i am fetching values from that array in my Php file like



is returning null,
but if i change my value of spreadsheet to ["Lyftrorelse"]

now when i print it like this



It is printing my value, Earlier when i was doing this without Ajax there was no such Problem, My content was being read properly Any Suggestions ?


PHPExpert February 2016

Try with setting content-Type in your Ajax request,

contentType: "charset=utf-8",

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