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scott miles February 2016

Why revision # different between show log and svn update?

When i take update on one svn folder it shows latest revision at which update is taken as Completed At revision:116

But when i do show log on that folder it shows latest revision number as 100 in history.

My question why both revision numbers are not in synch ?

For information :- when i execute below command to see if there is any change b/w revision 100 and 116, i see diff.txt created with no content

svn diff -r 100:116 > diff.txt


Lazy Badger February 2016

Subversion revisions are global per repository

Log for any subtree of repo show only revisions, which affected this subtree (and ignore all outside tree)

Explanation by example

\branches>svn up
Updating '.':
Updated to revision 5.

Repository HEAD is r5

branches>svn log -q
r2 | lazybadger | 2013-11-28 00:13:01 +0600 (Чт, 28 ноя 2013)
r1 | www-data | 2013-11-27 18:13:32 +0600 (Ср, 27 ноя 2013)

but latest commit into /branches was only in r2

PS: You have to read SVNBook, really

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