Yasir Arafath February 2016

How to do correlation on dynamic parameter that are occuring in request and not in response in JMETER?

I am developing a mobile script using jMeter. i.e trying to record and replay mobile web applications using JMeter 2.9 and firefox 43.0.4

I am able to record the application. But it throws an error during replay, as some dynamic parameter is passed with the post data as below:

POST data:


When I checked the same flow in Load Runner, the same failure occurs on the same URL again.

In Load Runner:

HTTP Status-Code=500 (Internal Server Error) and {"errorCode":"UNEXPECTED_ERROR","errorMsg":"FWLSE0009W: User identity is null. Check your application''s authentication requirements. These settings must match to the deployed application [project mobile]"}

In JMeter:

Response headers:HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized in Sampler Result and in response data: /-secure- {"challenges":{"wl_antiXSRFRealm":{"WL-Instance-Id":"geqcaecehouktkfn0rfqmmdu6"}}}/

Is anyone able to help with this?

Responses will be highly appreciated :-).


Dmitri T February 2016

I don't have Worklight server to play with now hence I can provide you only generic information. You need to properly simulate mobile application authentication flow, actually this dynamic parameter can be fetched from the previous response.

Reference links:

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