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Enrique February 2016

when choose Float or Number types in Oracle

I m reading some table in Oracle and i m looking like some times they are using "FLOAT" type or "NUMBER" for practicaly the same value

  (  sen_id NUMBER, 
     sen_Rating NUMBER,    --here i m wating something like 12,9984
     sen_mont DATE,
     sen_value FLOAT(64),    -- here im waiting too something like 0,83387

so what should i choose Float or Number when i want to save a number with decimals , is there a case where is better use one or other?

Thanks in advance, Enrique


Rahul Tripathi February 2016

FLOAT is just an alias for NUMBER datatype in Oracle. So you can choose any of them, as they are just the synonym of each other.

See the Oracle docs:

FLOAT [(p)]

A subtype of the NUMBER datatype having precision p. A FLOAT value is represented internally as NUMBER. The precision p can range from 1 to 126 binary digits. A FLOAT value requires from 1 to 22 bytes.

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