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Php Connection with Sql server not working on Production Server

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I am currently working with php. I want to connect the PHP with sql server but it is not working on the production server.It worked perfectly on my local machine, as I installed the sql server driver in the extension folder of php and activated it in php-ini file.I confirmed that the driver has been loaded into the production driver as it was hosted in a windows server and not a linux server.I need assistance,because the same script with which I connected the my local machine to the cloud sql server is the same script i am using now to connect the php application to the same sql server that is now not working. Please, I need help. take a look at my connection script that works perfectly with my local machine.

  $serverName = "remote sql server IP"; //a.b.c.d
   $connectionInfo = array("Database"=>"sqlserverDBname", "UID"=>"sqlsvruserID", "PWD"=>"sqlsvrPassword");
   $conn = sqlsrv_connect($serverName, $connectionInfo);
       echo "Connection Established<br/>";
    echo "Connection could not be established<br/>";

?> Both the php application and the other application that uses sql server are on the same domain, while php-app and other-app are sub domain. Kindly help look at this. Thanks community for anticipated advice/solution


Nihar February 2016

Please add Server Name(host) instead of remote sql server IP $serverName = "remote sql server IP";

This will solve your problem i think.

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