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Suhail PT February 2016

Is there any alternative for active_admin gem with good UI?

I am looking for a gem which is an alternative for the active_admin gem that has good support and easy customization for admin panel UI.


Noushad PP February 2016

Here is an alternative for active admin. Not sure of the customisation part though! - Typus This link may also help-

Arjun K P February 2016

Well, the question you have put forward is a broad one. You can try forking the existing active_admin gem to come with a gem of your UI support and flexibility. But, if you are really interested in some of the alternate gems to try out. You can give a try on these existing gems

Noushad PP February 2016

Check this link. They list out some gems that is really helpful for rails admin interfaces and administrations

Try this Upmin-admin-gem.

Andrey Konoplenko February 2016

Try this one - Administrate. It has a good UI and also very simple and flexible.

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