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VJay February 2016

im getting following exception when doing following code: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException

//for loop for traversing rows
for (int i = 1 ; i < roorws.getCount() ; i++)
        {   // for loop for traversing columns
            for (int j = 1 ;j<tcols ; j++)
             {  //if column is 5

                 //printing values of cell 5 

                 System.out.print(cells.get(i,j).getValue().toString().substring(0, 26).length()+ "\t");
                 String cell1=cells.get(i,j).getValue().toString().substring(0, 26);



Zbynek Vyskovsky - kvr000 February 2016

Apparently the length of the string is not (at least) 26 characters. Change:

System.out.print(cells.get(i,j).getValue().toString().substring(0, 26).length()+ "\t");


System.out.print(cells.get(i,j).getValue().toString().length()+ "\t");

to print the length of the string.

You can use Apache Commons StringUtils substring() method to get sub string in a safe way (so it takes only at most n characters):

String cell1= StringUtils.substring(cells.get(i,j).getValue().toString(), 0, 26);

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