Sandeep February 2016

from 1 hide another div

I have 2 different divs having different id's #context-menu & #create-context-menu'#context-menu')
  .style('display', 'inline-block')
  .on('mouseleave', function() {'#context-menu').style('display', 'none');
       context = null;

I want to hide #context-context-menu div, not onMouseLeave --> From this I want to hide another div(#create-context-menu).


Gilsha February 2016'#context-menu')
  .style('display', 'inline-block')
  .on('mouseover', function() {                   
      //To hide the div with id create-context-menu'#create-context-menu').style('display', 'none');
      //'#create-context-menu').style('opacity', 0);

Note: To get the div with id context-menu inside the mouseover function, you can use

Karthikeyan February 2016

Try this to hide the div,


If you want to make the inputs to be disabled use

$('#create-context-menu :input').attr('disabled', true);

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