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Rune Synnevåg February 2016

Rebus secondlevel retry, specify number of retry for message

Is it possible to specify / override the number of second level retries, for specific messages?

Some messages are more important to try to execute than others or need to try over a longer time period because of the nature of the message.


mookid8000 February 2016

Out of the box, there will be as many 2nd level retries as there were 1st level retries.

But now that you're asking and you made me think about this, I think it would actually make much more sense to not have a fixed number of 2nd level retries.... instead I'm thinking that the 2nd level mechanism should be one single attempt of dispatching the message to handlers as a Failed<TMessage>, and then you can defer the message and count 2nd level delivery attempts in a message header if you like.

What are your thoughts?

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