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konrad_firm February 2016

Access to debug (profiler) information before redirection in Symfony

After submitting a form I usually redirect a user to another page (other than the form itself).

Therefore I lose the Profile (debug information, like log). I mean after clicking the Debug Toolbar I get information about the request after redirection. But I do know Symfony keeps information about the previous page. I mean it doesn't forget it. Is there a way to access this information? Where is the debug info about the request before redirection?


Jason Roman February 2016

When you open the Profiler, there is a menu on the left and content area on the right. At the top of that right content area you will see View Last 10 or View All, where you can click to open up previous requests.

From there, simply click on the request that submitted the form, which will be the most recent POST request that you see.

rodrigobb February 2016

In config_dev.yml you can change that behaviour setting intercept_redirects to true

    intercept_redirects: true

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