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Jörg Rech February 2016

Can I run MongoDB config servers on replica and shard server?

I need to setup a 3x3 MongoDB 3.2 Cluster (3 Shards, 6 Replicas) and would like to keep the number of servers as small as possible. Can I run the config servers on the replica and shard servers (I thought about running 9 config server (1 config shard and 8 replica shard))? And is it a good idea or are there problems when one or the other server goes down?

SO Questions MongoDB shards and config servers on the same server? and Should I run MongoDB config and mongos on the same servers? mention that running config server on shards is not a good idea but is this still true for replicas even when using 9 config server?


kannadhasan February 2016

you can run config server & mongos on the same server.I don't think so 9 config server required according to me 3 config server enough.

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