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healthycola February 2016

Why does ngif not remove script tags from my code?

I have a few script tags I want removed on a condition. In the DOM I see that they are not there (they're commented out), but i still see console spew from them. Are the script tags loaded regardless? If so, does anyone have any workaround for this?

<script ng-if="myCondition" src="blah blah.js"></script>


charlietfl February 2016

It wouldn't matter if they were removed or not. By the time angular bootstraps and starts DOM manipulation all script tags will have been compiled by browser.

Removing a script tag does not remove the code that has already been compiled.

Without a lot more information on what it is you are trying to accomplish , or what the scripts do, this is about all that can be offered for now.

I would suggest you read up on the basics of how a web page gets processed by the browser as the html gets compiled to the DOM. The instant it encounters a script tag with an src , a request is made for that file and there is no way to intercept it.

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