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nijha_p February 2016

Customize Allure Report using pytest-allure-adaptor

I want to customize my allure test report using pytest adaptor. For e.g adding Environment details on the Overview Page. Changing the Report Name on the Overview screen.

I tried adding the environment details in conftest.py as suggested in the documentation, but it do not work for me

def pytest_configure(config):
    allure.environment(test_server='testserver', report='My Test Report')

I also tried adding environment.properties in the allure-report folder but that also didn't work. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong here and how can I resolve this problem.


volkovs February 2016

I never tried pytest adapter. But you convert XML report to HTML with the same tool whatever adapter is. So environment.properties should work. You can test it with https://github.com/allure-examples/allure-testng-example:

  1. mvn test
  2. create target/allure-results/environment.properties "testserver=My Test Report"
  3. mvn site
  4. open target/site/allure-maven-plugin/index.html in FireFox enter image description here

If it doesn't, please check Allure version right in HTML report. enter image description here

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