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Veena February 2016

How to pass variable holding a value to groovy eq query?

How can I pass variable holding a value instead of passing a value directly to groovy search criteria?

for (def payee in payees)
    def results = resp.cases.find("eq 'hrid','7547') // hard code values work
    def results = resp.cases.find("eq 'hrid',??????) // how can I pass payee

I'm new to this. Please help. thanks


Michal_Szulc February 2016

Basing on examples, check it:

def results = resp.cases.find { case -> case.hrid == payee }

Emmanuel Rosa February 2016

GORM criteria queries are quite different than your example. Let's say you have a Payee domain class with a property named hrid:


class Payee {
    String hrid

To get a list of all the Payee instances with an hrid of 7547, you'd run a criteria query like this:

String hridValue = '7547'

List payees = Payee.withCriteria {
    eq 'hrid', hridValue

I explain Grails GORM queries in depth in a series of articles starting right here.

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