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Ron Pelayo February 2016

How to wrapped JSON Handler in Function

So I'm using this function to pass the JSON Value (Any Object) in other class but it's full of issues so I can't get it working

func getSWPeopleAPI() -> NSMutableArray {
    var JSON2: NSMutableArray
    Alamofire.request(.GET, "http://swapi.co/api/people/1").responseJSON { Response in
        if let JSON = Response.result.value{
            JSON2 = JSON as! NSMutableArray

    return JSON2

Do you have a suggestion on how can I achieve this to pass it to my ApiManagerClass and what data type is best use when dealing with JSON?


Sohil R. Memon February 2016

You are doing in a wrong way! JSON must have a type of NSDictionary.

func getSWPeopleAPI(strUrl: String, completionHandler: (NSDictionary?, NSError?) -> ()) -> (){

    Alamofire.request(.GET, strUrl).responseJSON { response in

        switch response.result {

        case .Success(let data):
            let json = data as? NSDictionary
            completionHandler(json, nil)
        case .Failure(let error):
            completionHandler(nil, error)

Here is the code with completion handler and error as specified!

How to Use:

postWebserviceWithURL(Url!) { (responseData, error) -> () in


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