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Marius February 2016

How do I add white space in regex?

I have this code:


const phone= /^\(?(\d{3})\)?[-]?(\d{3})[-]?(\d{4})$/;

After running this code has the following form


I want to add white space before the last parentheses as in the example below.

(123 )132-1312

Can you please tell me how to accept changes to the code so that white space?

Thanks in advance!


text = $(this).val().replace(/(\d{3})(\d{3})(\d{4})/, "($1)$2-$3");
var testt=$(this).val().match(text);

I added this code to call here as add white space ...


Ram February 2016

This should work as you need:


Fuujin February 2016

Depending on wether you always want the whitespace befor the closeing parenthesis or not your could go with:


Background \s is for whitespaces. the ? stands for 0 or 1 occurrance of the previous sign. if you use + it is one or more and * is for 0 or more occurrences of the previous sign.

To test your regex you can always use regexpal

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