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Lasse February 2016

Select certain slides by check boxes in Power Point VBA

I need to be able to create a new .ppt (PowerPoint presentation) from selected slides in my original .ppt. The following macro will take whatever slides you currently have selected and copy them into a new .ppt. I've found the following nice code to do most of the work.

Private Sub NytPPT_Click()

'PURPOSE: Copies selected slides and pastes them into a brand new presentation file
'SOURCE: www.TheSpreadsheetGuru.com

Dim NewPPT As Presentation
Dim OldPPT As Presentation
Dim Selected_slds As SlideRange
Dim Old_sld As Slide
Dim New_sld As Slide
Dim x As Long, y As Long
Dim myArray() As Long
Dim SortTest As Boolean

'Set variable to Active Presentation
  Set OldPPT = ActivePresentation

'Set variable equal to only selected slides in Active Presentation
  Set Selected_slds = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange

'Sort Selected slides via SlideIndex
  'Fill an array with SlideIndex numbers
    ReDim myArray(1 To Selected_slds.Count)
      For y = LBound(myArray) To UBound(myArray)
        myArray(y) = Selected_slds(y).SlideIndex
      Next y

  'Sort SlideIndex array
      SortTest = False
      For y = LBound(myArray) To UBound(myArray) - 1
        If myArray(y) > myArray(y + 1) Then
          Swap = myArray(y)
          myArray(y) = myArray(y + 1)
          myArray(y + 1) = Swap
          SortTest = True
        End If
      Next y
    Loop Until Not SortTest

'Set variable equal to only selected slides in Active Presentation (in numerical order)
  Set Selected_slds = OldPPT.Slides.Range(myArray)

'Create a brand new PowerPoint presentation
  Set NewPPT = Presentations.Add

'Align Page Setup
  NewPPT.PageSetup.SlideHeight = OldPPT.PageSetup.SlideHeight
  NewPPT.PageSetup.SlideOrientation = OldPPT.PageSetup.SlideOrientation
  NewPPT.PageSetup.SlideSize = OldPPT.PageSetup.SlideSize
  NewPPT.PageSetup.SlideWidth = OldPPT.PageSetup.SlideWidth

'Loop through slides in SlideRange
  For x = 1 To Selected_slds.Co        


JamieG February 2016

You can switch the view to enabled the slides to be selected as follows:

ActiveWindow.ViewType = ppViewSlideSorter

For some reason, the slides aren't selected in the normal view!

But selecting things in PowerPoint brings its own challenges (as seen with the view type) and you don't need to select them in order to copy and paste them as per this example:

With ActivePresentation.Slides
  .Range(Array(1, 2)).Copy
End With

This will simplify your code as you don't need to manage windows and their views.

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