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Nagesh G February 2016

How to set up phpmyadmin in localhost?

Im new to php so please explain how to set up wamp amd xampp and get access to phpmyadmin?


sudhakar February 2016

start xampp or wampp and go to browser and enter the URL like this localhost/phpmyadmin

MMerhi February 2016

Install xampp or wamp and it well setup automatically :

in wamp :

install : https : //make. wordpress .org/ core/handbook/tutorials/installing-a-local-server/wampserver/

you can access phpmyadmin by following this Wamp

in xampp :

install : http : //www. wikihow. com/Install-XAMPP-for-Windows

you can access phpmyadmin by following this xampp

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Asked in February 2016
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