Velkan February 2016

cerbero build system: how to rebuild?

Building OpenWebRTC from sources and it uses the cerbero build system. OS Ubuntu.

Built once. Then changed a file in the OpenWebRTC sources: $HOME/cerbero/sources/linux_x86_64/openwebrtc-0.3.0/local/owr_video_renderer.c. Then:

./cerbero-uninstalled -c config/linux.cbc package -f openwebrtc

Why it's saying that "openwebrtc -> already built"? How to rebuild?


user4467097 February 2016

You should use git to create a local branch in the project (openwebrtc folder)

$git checkout -b <name_local_branch>

Then in recipes/ look for the openwebrtc.recipe (or similar) and look for these lines and modify them just to look like this

remotes = {'<name_local_branch>','file:///path/to/source'}
commit = '<name_local_branch>/<commit>'

I am also working on this and it works for me once, hope it helps you. If you get to make it working, tell me. Check this link fyi

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