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Nikos February 2016

EJB in Liferay Tomcat bundle

i would like to know if i can develop a jsf-portlet with my own ejb's and custom jpql or Hibernate in Liferay Tomcat Bundle. I know that is possible to bypass service builder and use custom jpql or to use ejb in MVC porltets. But is it possible with JSF portlets iin Liferay Tomcat Bundle(6.2 CE)?


Nikos February 2016

The link stiemannkj1 posted covers this subject in detail.

It is possible to use custom Hibernate and Spring in a JSF liferay portlet, however, it may cause serious problems if you try to manipulate the same entities from another portlet. Same goes for EJB, and also you need TomcatEE for this.

If you really want to do this, you have to ensure entities - EJB's are managed by only one portlet, or use Rest/SOAP services for the retrieval of those(which also adds complexity in your system). You can avoid all that by using Liferay's Service Builder.

I am going to try it though, at least the Hibernate/Services and i am going to share the result soon.

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