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Himanshi February 2016

How to pass image path in js function

I'm trying to pass the image path dynamically from one JSP page to another using a JS function, but the image path I get in a JS alert is different. The correct path is .\Products\767\76\suitmed.jpg however the alert shows me this .\Products>7>suitmed.jpg. Can some one please help me with this.

enter image description here


<c:forEach items="${products}" var="products">
    <div class="col-sm-4">
        <div class="product-image-wrapper">
            <div class="single-products">
                <div class="productinfo text-center">
                    <!--here in this Image tag I was trying to pass the path od med and large img from product obj -->
                    <img src="${products.smallImage}" onclick="getImageDetails('${products.mediumImage}', '${products.largeImage}'); return false;" alt="${products.productId}+productImage" />
            <div class="choose">
                <ul class="nav nav-pills nav-justified">
                        <a href="">
                            <i class="fa fa-plus-square"></i>
                            Add to Wishlist


function getImageDetails(mediumImagePath, LargeImagePath) {
    alert(mediumImagePath + "_______" + LargeImagePath);
    $("#bigImage").attr("src", mediumImagePath);



Henrik February 2016

Never programmed jsp, but here is a plausible explanation:

\## is interpreted as an octal character escape sequence.

Char    Octal   Dec Hex Description
<        74     60  3c  Less than sign (&lt; in HTML)
=        75     61  3d  Equals sign
>        76     62  3e  Greater than sign (&gt; in HTML)
?        77     63  3f  Question mark

so "\76" becomes ">" when printing..

try replacing all "\" with "/" in paths that usually helps you out, and most webservices can already handle the translation from unix styled paths to windows styled..

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