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Manuel M February 2016

What does the blue flash icon in the Outline view in Eclipse mean?

In the Outline view for a Java source file, I have this icon next to a method:

blue flash

EDIT: When clicking the method in the Outline view, the method does not get focused in the editor.

What does it mean? There's nothing "special" about this method, here is it's signature:

    private void scoreAddress(ScoreResult s, ScorePosting p, ScoreOrder o, SubCategoryAddress subCategory, PrecisionAddress precision, double score, int minLength) {

I am using Spring Tool Suite 3.7.2 (Eclipse Luna SR2 4.4.2). I already had a look at the docs but couldn't find that icon - so maybe it comes from the Spring extension.

Full image:

enter image description here


Jonathan La'Fey February 2016

It seems that the spark is an icon introduced by AJDT 1.2 and means that this method is a pointcut.

The blue triangle indicates that this is a default (package visible) method as per docs

You can find some more info here

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