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Muhammad Touseef February 2016

UWP progress ring activity

I am trying to hide the progress ring as soon as the stuff on my page loads completely, but I don't know where and how to set its set active property to false.


where should I use this line of code?


Damir Arh February 2016

You haven't provided much information on how you are loading data on your page, but I assume you are doing it asynchronously.

If you're doing it all sequentially, you can deactivate the progress ring at the end:

public async void InitializeData()
    TextBox1.Text = await GetData1();
    TextBox2.Text = await GetData2();
    TextBox3.Text = await GetData3();
    // ...

    Progress.IsActive = false;

If you're loading the data in parallel, then you should collect or awaitable tasks in a single array and await them all:

public async void InitializeData()
    var loadingTasks = new Task[]
        // ...

    await Task.WhenAll(loadingTasks);

    Progress.IsActive = false;

In this case you would assign the loaded data to controls inside the individual GetData methods.

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