Nifhel February 2016

Android emulator controllers disappear

I'm using Kubuntu 14.04, with KDE 4.13.3 and Android Studio 2.0 Beta 2. I created an emulator with the following specifications

Emulator specifications

The emulator run fine.

The emulator start with the controllers visible them, when I click on them they disappear.... is it a bug or am I missing something?

The Emulator controllers thet I'm talking about:

Emulator controllers


Nicolas Bossard March 2016

Same problem for me (same configuration)...

As a turn around you can still use keyboard shortcuts. In example :

  • F7 ==> power button
  • home ==> home button
  • esc ==> back
  • ctrl+F11 ==> rotate
  • ...

All shortcuts can be find here :


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