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JulienCsj February 2016

Test POST request on PlayFramework 2.4.x

Good morning,

I'm trying to test some POST requests on my controllers.

I have no problems with GET request :

public void testGetAll() {
    TestModel test = new TestModel();
    test.done = true;
    test.name = "Pierre";

    TestModel test2 = new TestModel();
    test2.done = true;
    test2.name = "Paul";

    Result result = new controllers.ressources.TestRessource().get(null);
    assertEquals(200, result.status());
    assertEquals("text/plain", result.contentType());
    assertEquals("utf-8", result.charset());

But when I have to test a POST request, i can't give POST params to the controller.

here is the method I want to test :

public Result post() {
    Map<String, String> params =     RequestUtils.convertRequestForJsonDecode(request().queryString());

    T model = Json.fromJson(Json.toJson(params), genericType);

    return ok(Json.prettyPrint(Json.toJson(reponse)));

I've try several solutions, but I can't find a proper one :

  • Try to use FakeRequest
  • Try to Mock the Http.Request object

So, what is the best way to write tests for my controllers ?

I'm using Play Framework 2.4.6 with Java. Junit 4 and Mockito.


Kris February 2016

For tests of an POST action I use the RequestBuilder and the play.test.Helpers.route method.

For one with JSON data it could look like this (I use Jackson's ObjectMapper for marshaling):

public class MyTests {

  protected Application application;

  public void startApp() throws Exception {
    ClassLoader classLoader = FakeApplication.class.getClassLoader();
    application = new GuiceApplicationBuilder().in(classLoader)

  public void myPostActionTest() throws Exception {

    JsonNode jsonNode = (new ObjectMapper()).readTree("{ \"someName\": \"sameValue\" }");
    RequestBuilder request = new RequestBuilder().method("POST")
    Result result = route(request);


  public void stopApp() throws Exception {

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