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Deepak February 2016

While calling exe file from vb6, We are getting error exe stopped working

I called exe file from Vb6.

Shell "D:\Sample.exe RpNo, PrtVw, glngbr".

We are getting error exe stopped working


vbdevelp February 2016

I meant to post this as a comment but don't have enough rep to do that. First of all Shell "D:\Sample.exe RpNo, PrtVw, glngbr" I think the only part of the name of the program you are trying to open is only "D:\Sample.exe" and the rest without the "" quotes so you can try Shell "D:\Sample.exe", RpNo, PrtVw, glngbr Secondly try opening the program you want to open with the shell statement and see if you get the same error because getting that error should have nothing to do with the program you used to open it the error would be coming from the program "Sample.exe" also what is RpNo, PrtVw, glngbr I've never seen that before, and tried that myself and it didn't work at all, try these out and I hope this helps.

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