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Tom February 2016

How does the DocuSign API work?

I am very confused as to how the API of DocuSign works, I tried looking it up here: https://www.docusign.com/p/RESTAPIGuide/RESTAPIGuide.htm

But that didn't help me much, especially not because I need to implement DocuSign into the open source version of Vtiger.

Does anybody here know a site where I can learn more about DocuSign and how I can combine it with Vtiger open source?

As for what I already tried that is nothing, I first need to make a functional design which is kind of hard to do when you don't even understand the basic API.

I would really appreciate it.

I have never worked with an API before, so this is all new for me.


mikebz February 2016

Have you tried the API overview instead of the reference guide? Check this out:


You can also look at the API Recipes to see some starting examples of what you can do in any language. I believe VTiger is written in PHP so you can find the PHP code to copy and paste to get you started.

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