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Daniel Nadkin February 2016

Unity3D Android visual artifacts

Since a while ago I started having some artifacts on some android devices. I have checked build settings, I was disabling code stripping and setting all options to the default ones - nothing worked out. This visual interference (see screenshot) happens at least in Note II and HTC One Mini/2. Nexus 5 exhibited very minor interferences. Any help would be highly appreciated!

Picture here


Patrick Kulling February 2016

which Unity version are you using? Can you make sure to use ETC1 compression (+alpha if needed) and try again on those devices?

Daniel Nadkin February 2016

Well, that was quite obvious, I just needed to turn on my brain, lol. So, if you have any issues with rendering like I was - try to check your CAMERA component. And especially be careful with Clear Flags property. Personally, I have faced a situation when some of my background layers (which have SpriteRenderers) were switching their alpha values. At that point camera would "see" through the layers. And that is the problem if you have "Don't Clear" value in "Clear Flags" property.

Hope it helps somebody else too.

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