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JAXPAROW95 February 2016

How to find Indy servers in Delphi7?

Can't find INDY SERVERS in my Delpi7 how to fix this I need to work with winsocks but I can't find it on panel of delphi7 ide


MartynA February 2016

If you have a standard Delphi7 install, try this

  • In the IDE go to Component | Install packages

  • In the pop-up, click Add and navigate to your Delphi Bin folder, you should see a package dclIndy70.Bpl. Open it.

You should now have the Indy components on your Component Palette. They'll be a bit out of date, of course, as Indy has moved on a bit since their time.

Btw, if you decide to upgrade to a more recent version of Indy, make sure you make a back up of your entire project, especially the .DFM(s). With such a long time between the version which was current for D7 and now, you may find that some component properties are now out of date, so the IDE will complain when loading the .DFM(s).

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Asked in February 2016
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