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Brian Andersen February 2016

GenyMotion: Basic understanding

OK so I am trying out Genymotion for testing my app, so that I can reproduce the errors that my users are telling me they experience with my app, which leads me to fixing the issues. I guess that is the main reason for using Genymotion.

Real life example:

A guy says: "I'm using a Moto X (2013) on Android 5.1.1 and I can't do X with your app.

Me: Looks at Genymotions list of virtual devices and can't find neither the brand of phone nor the android system. I can only find android 5.1.0.

Does this mean that I Genymotion just doesn't have what I need, or is it because one of the other options are just as good? I really don't know. What am I missing?

Any help would be appreciated. Brian


vishnu narayanan February 2016

An emulator, be it the default android emulator or Genymotion or any other emulator will not be able to replicate a real physical device to the complete extent.

The devices available on Genymotion are just templates to recreate the device with values such as RAM, Screen size etc. You could try creating a custom device by using the values for Moto X.

One possible idea would be to get the stacktrace from your friend and see what's going on. The best way to do that would be to integrate crash reporting system like Crashyltics. You will automatically get crash reports in your fabric dashboard.

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